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Slice & Scoop was invented based on the success of the Coffee Connection brand in Cumberland, Rhode Island. The coffee shop is located between a pizza store and an ice cream parlor. The founders saw the success of these three stores and decided to create a new, upgraded experience for customers by combining the offerings of all three. At Slice & Scoop, you can find pizza by the slice or whole pie on the left side, ice cream on the right, and a common space in the center. The brand and colors were designed to create a casual, welcoming atmosphere for people of all ages.

Chicken Pesto Pie

The Founders are planning to expand to new locations in the future, this decision will always come down to the patrons and their feedback. 

Slice It ab

our pizza

New York style pizza with thin crust, crisp edges, and perfectly baked. Our dough, sauce, and cheese are made to complement each other. Pizza is served by the slice or as a small or large pie. The menu offers signature pizzas, and patrons can always build their own signature pizzas

Scoop Itabout

our ice cream

We offer a wide selection of hard serve, froyo, and no sugar added ice cream. With over 24 flavors and 24 toppings, you're sure to find a combination you love. Patrons can choose between the traditional ice cream parlor experience or the "Scoop it" experience, where they can pick their favorite ice cream and top it with their favorite toppings

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